Hoka shoes are super popular, but they can be expensive. Hoka is one of the top shoe brands around, especially for the high-end consumer. 

But not only are Hoka shoes pretty cool, but they’re also really easy to clean. If you’re going to spend a ton of time cleaning your shoes, Hoka is the brand you should pick.

This post is going to show you how to clean Hoka shoes on a budget. This guide will walk through all of the steps of how to clean a pair of Hoka shoes. So what are you waiting for? Let’s begin the discussion.

What You Can Do To Clean Hoka Shoes?

Cleaning Hoka Shoes is not an easy task. You must know how to properly clean your shoes, and make sure you do not damage them. There are a lot of different tips on the internet about how to clean Hoka Shoes, but none of them are really helpful. Today I want to share some different tips to properly clean your Hoka Shoes.

What You Can Do To Clean Hoka Shoes?

Here are my 5 different ways to properly clean your Hoka Shoes:

1. Use a Wet Wipe:

The first step is to use a wet wipe, or a damp cloth, to clean your shoes. If you do not use a moist cloth, you will dry the shoes and this will damage them.

2. Using Vinegar:

Vinegar is a very useful cleaning agent. You will need to make sure that the vinegar is of the right strength, so you will be able to clean your shoes. Vinegar has a pH level between 0 and 2. A pH of 0 is neutral, and a pH of 2 is acidic.

3. Bleach and Dish Soap:

Use a mixture of bleach and dish soap to clean your shoes. To make sure you do not use too much, you will need to start with a 1:1 mixture. This is because you want the dish soap to cover the stains while also killing bacteria. You can use bleach alone, but this will not be as effective.

4. Warm Water:

You can use warm water to clean your shoes. Hot water will destroy the material of your shoe, and this will result in a hole in your shoe. This is why you need to use warm water.

5. Toothpaste:

Toothpaste works great as a cleaning agent. The toothpaste will soak up all of the dirt and stains from your shoes, and then it can be easily washed away. Do not use soap to clean your shoes, as this will make the shoes too slippery.

Clean Hoka Shoes Without Using Chemicals: 

Many people think that chemicals can damage the texture of shoes, that’s why they avoid using them. Are you one of those people? If you do then this simple guide is for you. Here you will get to know about the easy way to clean Hoka shoes without chemicals. So let’s review the following steps.  

STEP 1: Put the Shoes In A Bucket Full of Vinegar

This step is simple. Put the shoes in a bucket full of vinegar. It might sound silly, but it works surprisingly well. The vinegar will break down the material on the shoe and dissolve it. Just rinse it off in the bucket afterward.

STEP 2: Wash Your Shoe With a Soap & Water Wash

After a week or two, the shoes will be completely clean. However, you can speed things up by washing the shoes with soap & water (not detergent). Just run them through the washing machine on a spin cycle.

STEP 3: Dry Them With an Old Towel

After the shoes are dry, you’ll want to get rid of the towel that was used to clean them. You can hang them up or toss them in the trash.

Best Products To Clean Hoka Shoes:

Here is the list of top products that you can use to clean hoke shoes. Let’s review them.

1. Nike Hoka Shoe Degreaser: 

It’s a cheap product that gets the job done quickly and easily. Just pour some into a spray bottle and rub the soles of the shoes with it.

2. Zwilling J.A. Henckels Shoe Cleaner: 

You can use this cleaner on both leather and synthetic materials, but I prefer using it on synthetic soles since it cleans well and does a better job of removing smudges from the leather than anything else I’ve tried.

3. All-Purpose Floor Polish:

This polish is used to clean hard surfaces such as tile and concrete, and while it works just fine on most floors, it doesn’t get rid of the worst staining.

4. Footprint Shoe Cleaner: 

This shoe cleaner is specifically designed to keep your shoes looking new.

5. Shoe Goo:

Finally, we have the only shoe polish that’s safe for all kinds of shoe materials, leather, rubber, polyester, etc.

Wrapping It All Up!!!

Hoka shoes are famous worldwide because of their high quality. They are designed to be worn during athletic and sports activities, but also to be worn casually around town.

To maintain their high standards of craftsmanship, these shoes need special attention. They are usually very difficult to clean because they have rubber soles, which are not meant to be removed and washed.

But by using the above guide you can easily clean the Hoka shoes and use them for a long time. So make sure to follow all the methods and find the one that gives efficient results.

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