What shoes make me taller? Do sneakers make me taller? I’m sure you’ve heard all kinds of rumors about what type of shoes make us tall, but let’s face it, there isn’t any truth to any of those claims. So, the question becomes, what kind of shoes makes a person tall?

The reality is that wearing the right pair of shoes will make you look and feel your best.

If you’re a tall person, you’re already aware of how difficult it is to find stylish, comfortable shoes to fit your feet.

But if you have a medium height then this article is right for you. So let’s begin the discussion.

What Type Of Shoes Make You Taller?

Here, I’ll discuss the top 5 types of shoes that will make you taller. All 5 of these shoes will help increase your overall height, which will allow you to look more handsome.

So, let’s begin:

Walking Shoes:

A wide shoe is very important when you want to make yourself tall. Wider shoes help you stretch your calf muscles, which will then allow your leg to go further, increasing the amount of time you spend standing up.


Having a pair of sneakers will not only allow you to have more time to enjoy the outdoors but also help you get taller. Because sneakers will give you a larger size foot, they will allow your feet to take in more air, therefore giving you a higher body posture.

Slipper Shoes:

Slipper shoes can be very helpful when it comes to increasing your height. When wearing slipper shoes, you will not be able to touch the ground and therefore the gravitational pull will be lessened. This, in turn, will enable your body to be pulled upwards.


When you wear sandals, you will be able to stand up for longer periods. Being tall is one thing, but standing for long periods will help you stay that way. So, the next time you’re wondering how to make yourself tall, wear sandals!

High Heeled Shoes:

High heels will help you to achieve that taller, beautiful posture, which you need to feel good about yourself. High heels will help you to stand up straighter, therefore making you appear taller.

So, the next time you’re trying to become taller, think about wearing high heels. It will be fun!

How To Select The Right Shoe To Get Taller ?

Shoes are one of the most important parts of a wardrobe. They give us a way to personalize our fashion choices and let us express ourselves through how we choose to dress and style ourselves.

Choosing the perfect pair of shoes is a big decision that requires some careful consideration.

There are hundreds of different types of shoes out there, so let’s take a look at five types of shoes that might help you increase your height.

How To Select The Right Shoe To Get Taller?

1. Heel Height

Heels are the most commonly used and easily understood style of shoe. The higher the heel, the taller you’ll appear. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but you have to keep in mind where the heel is placed.

In general, heels are best positioned at the front of the foot. When choosing a heel, be sure to factor in the width of the shoe as well as its length.

The shorter the heel, the shorter you’ll look. A heel length of 2-3 inches should do the trick.

2. Strap Width

It’s tempting to go for a narrower strap, but wider straps are best in this case. The wider the strap, the wider your appearance.

Wider straps come in two main variations: single or double. With a single strap, the strap only covers the foot. This looks great if your foot is smaller than average.

A double strap is a perfect choice for anyone whose foot is larger than average. With a double strap, the top and bottom straps can move independently.

3. Heel Shape

Heels come in different shapes, but rounded and square-shaped heels look great on anyone. Round heels fit in nicely under a wider strap while square heels sit well on narrow straps.

A heel’s shape doesn’t affect your appearance much, but the way you position it does. Try keeping the center of your foot facing forward as far as possible.

4. Sole Material

One of the most common and effective ways to increase your height is by increasing the sole of your shoe. The thicker the sole, the more you’ll appear taller.

Most types of leather have an uneven thickness, which makes them great options for increased height.

5. Heel Height & Style

Heels come in all shapes and sizes, and that includes height. Choose a heel that suits your feet best, whether it’s low, mid, or high.

Even better, combine styles from all three. Mixing up low, mid and high heel heights look great.

In Conclusion:

It doesn’t matter whether you wear heels or flats. What matters is what shoes you wear and how often you wear them. So go ahead and wear flats all day long. Just remember, that next day when you go back to your heels, you’ll look even better.

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