Hey, would you just stop for a minute and take off your shoes? We promise this is worth the time. Now that everyone has a pair of Hey Dude Shoes in their possession they are all asking how to clean them? Is it safe to put them into your washing machine or should I hand wash with water only from my sink?

Some say throw ’em onto an open flame but most won’t do any good so don’t waste yours! These tips will be useful if we can get started now please note some styles have different cleaning requirements. So let’s check all the tips.

Tips To Wash Hey Dude Shoes:

Wash Hey Dude Shoes

Get A Bucket:

 Any old bucket will do the trick! Fill it up with warm water and dish soap. (Tip: use different coloured buckets for each type of shoe you own) Dunk your shoes into the bucket and swish them around until they are fully coated in soap suds. When all the dirty marks are gone, let them soak in the soapy water for a while.

Tip: If shoes are very dirty, let them soak for a few hours or even overnight.

Fill The Bucket With Soap And Water:

Fill up your bucket with warm water then add some mild dish soap into it. Stir the water around to mix the dish soap into the water completely. 

Tip: Don’t soak in excess of soap for more than 8 hours.

Use A Toothbrush To Gently Wash:

A toothbrush with a perfect size and shape for washing your little Hey Dude Shoes! Gently scrub with warm water and mild soap on all surfaces you would like clean. For any spots that are especially dirty, gently scrub until all marks are gone. Rinse off the remaining soap suds with clean water and lay your shoes on a towel to dry.

Put Shoes In The Bucket, Then Use Dishwashing Gloves To Scrub Them Clean:

This is perfect for the Hey Dude Shoes that are harder to reach! Fill up your bucket with warm water then add some mild dish soap into it. Put on a pair of rubber/latex gloves, dip your hands into the soapy water and scrub all surfaces you would like clean. For any spots that are especially dirty, gently scrub until all marks are gone. 

Rinse Off Shoes With Clean Water:

Once all the soap suds have been scrubbed from your Hey Dude Shoes, rinse them with clean water. Then lay them on a towel to dry before putting them back on your feet.


Only wash one color of shoes together: If you have a variety of colors and styles of Hey Dude Shoes, only wash each one with like colors. Making sure that the water is only running clear before you move on to washing another style will ensure they all last as long as possible.

If your Hey Dude Shoes Still Have Stains After Washing:

If you find there are some “stubborn” stains on your Hey Dude Shoes after you wash them, don’t fret! You can use a pencil eraser to make the stains disappear. rub it on any areas with marks, and clean it right off with a wet cloth! If your shoes are made of fabric you could also try scrubbing the fabric up against itself too which has worked for some people. (I don’t think this is good for Shoes with fabric boots)

Use The Towel To Dry Shoes As Off:

Lay your Hey Dude Shoes on an absorbent towel to slowly dry them. Wait until they are fully dry before putting them back into your closet or using them again.


First sponge with warm water and soap, then wipe it clean. Shoe cream can also be used to bring new life to old shoes. Use a toothbrush to gently scrub any dirt and rag on some shoe cream outside of the designated zones. A little bit of elbow grease is all you need! Use a cloth dipped in warm water to wipe it clean, then lay flat on towels till dry.

Let Your Shoe Air Dry For 24 Hours Before Wearing It Again Or Putting It Back On Your Teet:

Hey Dude Shoes will be fully dry after 24 hours, but don’t wear them until they are 100% dry. This is because wet shoes can cause nasty toenail fungus and other yucky stuff.


If your Hey Dude shoes have a fabric body, you may need to put them in the dryer for a few minutes to dry them completely. Keep the temperature low so they don’t shrink, and put them on the lowest “air fluff” setting. Let your shoes cool before putting them back on your feet or into your closet.

You can use baking soda to remove stains too, Baking soda is another good thing to use if you find there are some “stubborn” stains on your Hey Dude shoes after they have been washed. Just mix the baking soda with a little bit of water, then gently scrub it into the shoe with a toothbrush like you would soap! This works great for dirt patches too.

Wipe Your Shoes With Vinegar To Get Rid Of Smells:

Vinegaris another great way to go if you don’t have time for baking soda, and want some extra oomph in odor removal! All you need is a little bit of vinegar and water, then use a cloth or soft brush to scrub at any stinky areas. This is especially good if you get sweaty feet.

Tip: If your Hey Dude Shoes get wet from bad weather, wipe them down with vinegar instead of washing them to avoid salt stains on the fabric.

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