It seems like everyone is wearing so-so shoes these days, but who makes these shoes? And more importantly – what are the key factors to making so-so shoes?

If you’ve ever walked down the shoe aisle at the mall, then you have seen plenty of so-so shoes that have been mass-produced. They have become the new norm in the fashion industry.

But who makes these shoes? Are there people out there who make great quality shoes and make them by hand? We’re going to find out.

Who Makes So-So Shoes?

SOSO is a high-end manufacturer of shoes for men, women, and children. The company was founded in 2010 by Jannis Hoff and Johan Blom. Both of them are from Sweden.

SOSO designs manufacture and distribute shoes, bags, accessories, and other merchandise. It sells its products online and also sells through retailers such as Macy’s and Kohls. Its primary target markets are the Americas and Europe, but it sells internationally.

Things You Should Know About So-So Shoes:

Here I will share some great insights into the SOSO shoes. The best part is that these insights are directly from one of the founders of SOSO himself, David Kravitz, who started as an employee and is now a serial entrepreneur himself. I’m honored to be included in this awesome collaboration!

Amazing Story:

They have an amazing story behind their products. When the company began in 2005, founder Dave Kravitz was an employee at a shoe company. He was doing some freelance work and came up with a new way of making a different shoe type. At first, he did it on his own time at home and the results weren’t very good. After a few failed attempts, he got some friends to help him and it worked! After finding success with this, he decided to quit his job and go full-time, creating a shoe that had a purpose other than just “just another shoe”.

Recycled Materials: 

Their designs are made from recycled materials SOSO shoes are made from post-industrial materials like recycled tires, old carpet, rubber gloves, and more. The materials are collected from sources such as waste dumps and factories and repurposed into shoe soles. This is the same process used for upcycling.

SOSO Shoes Started as a Side Project:

They started as a side project for Dave Kravitz After quitting his job at the shoe company, he went on to start his own company, SOSO. At first, he had no idea what he was doing and he only made about $100 in revenue.

He’s currently working on a new project! Dave Kravitz says that he has no plans to slow down anytime soon and that he’s already thinking of what he’ll be working on next. This new project will allow him to use his background as a shoe designer to create an entirely new type of shoe that will have its purpose. I’m looking forward to seeing where this takes him!

Millions of SOSO Pairs are Sold Out:

They’ve reached a million pairs. I think the coolest thing about SOSO shoes is that they have already sold a million pairs. They’re doing something right because their shoes are selling well and are very successful! If you’re looking for inspiration to build a side business, this is it!

How To Choose the Right Pair of So-So Shoes For You?

We all like to look good and feel comfortable in what we wear, but often choosing the right shoes can be the biggest challenge.

There are so many options available, from traditional dress shoes to ballet pumps. How do you know which pair will be just right?

The most important thing to remember is that you must choose the right shoe for your needs. A traditional dress shoe may not be ideal for someone who is a runner, but a ballet pump won’t give much support for hiking or even standing at a desk for long periods.

Find Your Perfect Pair of Shoes:

First, you’ll want to consider your lifestyle and activity levels. Do you have any running or fitness plans? If so, certain shoes will work better for you.

Do you like to go for walks or hikes? Is this something you do often? Again, certain shoes can help keep your feet comfortable and provide more support.

If you sit a lot, then a shoe with a flat sole may be the perfect choice for you, as it won’t dig into your foot.

Do Your Research:

Before you even consider making a purchase, take some time to research different styles and types of footwear. You’ll find there’s more than just one kind of shoe for each type of activity, so knowing your options is essential before you spend money on anything.

When shopping for new shoes, remember that there are more options available today than ever before. There are even shoes made from recycled materials!

Find the Perfect Pair:

Your search may lead you to a wide variety of options from which to choose. Try to narrow down your options as much as possible. This may mean buying a pair of shoes online, but it’s worth it if you’re committed to finding the perfect pair of shoes for yourself.

Remember that what may be the perfect pair of shoes for someone else might not be perfect for you. In this case, shop around until you find your perfect fit.

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Wrapping It All Up!!!

I would like to make a special mention of the makers of so-so shoes. They are very dedicated to making great quality products. The quality of the material, stitching, and attention to detail is second to none. I admire these makers and I feel privileged to be able to share their stories.

Further, I have discussed a guide to select the right pair of SOSO shoes. Make sure to follow all the tips and get the right shoes.

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