Most of us have had this experience of coming home from a long day at work or school to find our feet smelling like old socks. It’s unpleasant. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are things you can do to keep your feet smelling fresh.

The inside of your shoes are the most disgusting place in the house. And even though you try to keep them clean, it’s so hard because of all the dirt. So today I’ll show you a simple way on how to clean inside of shoes and remove dirt and odor from your shoes without using chemicals or cleaning products.

Steps To Clean Inside Of Shoes:

There are a lot of products on the market today designed to remove dirt and grime from your shoes. You can use the hose, a wet rag, or even your own saliva to accomplish this task. But is there really anything wrong with using your own spit? Well, it depends on what kind of spit you’re using, let’s talk about how it can be used to clean your shoes.

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STEP 1: Get A Rubber Sock

Rubber socks are the perfect tool to clean the inside of your shoes. This is because they are soft and moldable. This means that you can easily shape the sock to fit the shape of the shoe. And it also means that they won’t slip on your foot when you put them on. This makes them much easier to use and they don’t fall off.

STEP 2: Shape the Sock

Shape the sock into the shoe’s inner surface. You can do this by using your hands or using something like a pair of tweezers. This is especially important for shoes with a leather sole, as the rubber will stick to the leather and tear it up. You can also use your sock as a kind of glove to help you get into tight spaces. Just make sure to get your gloves dirty beforehand so they are easier to work with.

STEP 3: Clean Your Shoes

Clean your shoes in this order:

  1. Shoe Polish - Shoe polish works well, but it’s not very effective if you have a lot of stains. You can also use a brush to help clean your shoes, but the problem is that they’ll get all sticky from the polish.
  2. Rubber Sock - Use your rubber sock to clean your shoes. The rubber will soak up most of the dirt, and it won’t leave a sticky mess on your shoes.

STEP 4: Fill up Your Shoe with the Solution

Before you start cleaning your shoes, you’ll need to fill up a container with the solution. You’ll want to use a container with a tight-fitting lid so that the solution doesn’t leak out. The amount of solution you need will depend on the size of the container you use.

STEP 5: Wash Your Shoes in the Morning

You should wash your shoes every morning, even if you only wear them once a week. You don’t want to risk getting a nasty bacteria infection in your foot.

STEP 6: Store Your Shoes Properly

You should never leave your shoes on the floor or in a closet. If you are unable to hang them up, put them in a shoe rack.

STEP 7: Wipe Down Your Shoe Mat

If you have carpeting, use a shoe mat to remove any dirt or mud. Use a clean cloth to wipe down the shoe mat.

STEP 8: Rinse Your Shoes with Soap and Water

If you have hardwood floors, use a little soap and water to clean your shoes. Make sure to rinse them thoroughly.

STEP 9: Use a Shoehorn

If your shoes are not very tight-fitting, you can use a shoehorn to tighten them.

STEP 10 : Use a Shoe Tree

Shoe trees are very helpful when you need to make sure that all of your laces are in place. They will keep your shoes looking neat and organized.

To Sum Up!

It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it. And for most of us, it’s the shoe cleaner.

Shoe cleaning may seem like a simple task, but it’s actually quite a complex process. For example, the soles of your shoes have an extra layer of protection compared to the leather upper. This is to help protect the insole from damage and prevent you from getting blisters and cuts.

When we’re talking about cleaning, the first thing to consider is the type of material your shoes are made out of. If they’re made of natural materials, like leather, you can use soap and water. However, if your shoes are synthetic, you’ll need to use a special shoe cleaner.

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